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dr steve michaluk

Dr. Steve Michaluk - Dentist

Hello Mill Bay!

I am Steve Michaluk, and I am looking forward to serving the residents of Mill Bay and the surrounding areas on Vancouver Island as a general practice dentist!

I am from the prairies. I have lived in and around Winnipeg, Manitoba for my entire life. If you haven’t ever been to Winnipeg, you may have heard of us. This past winter (2013/2014) was the coldest in the past 75 years, with an average temperature at night of -30 Celsius between December 1 and March 1… not including the ‘windchill’. So far this summer, we have had significant overland flooding, which has led to the emergence of an unusually large horde of our provincial bird, the Mosquito. We are proud to boast several varieties of the Mosquito, which emerge wave after wave after wave, week after week, descending on Manitobans during BBQ’s in their backyard, family walks, bike rides, or trips to one of our many parks or beaches. Well, basically any time you step outside the house. My description of Winnipeg is largely tongue-in-cheek, however, any Winnipeg expatriate will recall these seasonal challenges!

My partner Sarah and I are proud to be from Winnipeg. We have two great kids, Alex and Annika. We have caring families that would do anything for us, and many close friends and countless acquaintances that we enjoy spending our free time with. We enjoy our community and our social network. That said, we have always imagined ourselves living on the West Coast in Canada.

After a lot of thought and consideration about picking up our lives and moving to Vancouver Island, we are grateful to finally have the opportunity to live, work and play on the West Coast! Not to mention in a wonderful location like Mill Bay. We like to spend as much time outside as we can, walking, biking, jogging, and going to parks and beaches – make sure to say hi when you see us!

As a dentist, my primary concerns regarding oral health are elimination or mitigation of disease processes like tooth decay, inflammatory diseases like gingivitis and periodontitis. If a client has succumbed to tooth loss however, our focus may shift to maintenance or enhancement of the functions of the remaining teeth, and possibly replacing those missing teeth. Remember that each tooth in the mouth has it’s own specific function, and those missing teeth compromise the rest of the teeth in the mouth. Those missing teeth, or having no teeth at all, can create other compromises for the digestive system, which ultimately effects your overall health, be it psychologically or physically. I will take all of these important aspects of the teeth and mouth into consideration when having a conversation with any of my clients about their oral health concerns.

Generally speaking, aesthetic concerns play a large part in any treatment, from a simple filling, to something more complex like denture fabrication, or implant supported tooth replacements. I would like to make the assurance to our clients that any work we do will endeavor towards the maintenance and enhancement of the teeth and supporting tissues, and that always means making sure the teeth and gums look great!

I became a dentist because I enjoy eating, talking, smiling and laughing, and I don’t take it for granted! If you are not enjoying the full satisfaction of what your teeth can do for you, whether it is eating those great foods that you love, or showing off with a great smile, or, if you have some kind of ache or pain that has just started, or a nagging pain that just won’t go away, let me know! If you already have a great smile, that’s great! I want to have the opportunity to help you keep it that way!