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Emergency Dentistry in Mill Bay

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Emergency Dentistry in Mill Bay

Emergency Dentistry Near You

A dental emergency can occur at any time. Whether you break a tooth biting down on something hard or get whacked in the face by a stray soccer ball, you need to have an emergency dentist in Mill Bay that you can trust. Our team at Mill Bay Dental Health is proud to offer emergency dentistry near you so that no matter when a dental emergency arises, our patients can rest assured they get the care they need.

What is a Dental Emergency?

There are many types of dental emergencies, and it can be difficult to discern what constitutes an emergency dental visit. In short, anything that is causing you significant discomfort and pain should be considered a dental emergency. Some examples of dental emergencies are:

  • A broken or fractured tooth
  • A broken jaw
  • A laceration on your tongue, inner cheeks, or lips
  • A lost dental restoration such as a filling
  • A severe toothache

When you come to Mill Bay Dental Health seeking emergency dentistry services, you can trust that our dental team will be prepared to effectively and calmly address any type of emergency you may be experiencing.

emergency dentistry near you

How Are Dental Emergencies Treated?

When you visit our dental clinic for emergency dentistry, our dentist will begin examining your trauma or injuries so that they can determine the cause and extent of the damage. Every dental emergency is unique and therefore come with different treatments. However, here are some treatments for our most commonly seen dental emergencies:

  • Root canal therapy: if you have a severe toothache, it may be found that you have a tooth infection that requires root canal therapy. Root canal therapy will remove the infected tissue from the interior of your tooth and save it from needing to be extracted.
  • Dental fillings: if you have lost a cavity or filling, our dentist will disinfect the area and fill it with a suitable filling material.
  • Laceration repair: if you have a deep cut on the inner parts of your mouth, our dentist will provide you with sutures, antibiotics, and painkillers to assist with healing and pain management.
  • Dental crowns: if our dentist finds that you have a fractured or broken tooth, they may be able to restore the tooth with a dental crown to reinforce its structure and provide it with protection and additional strength.

Looking for Emergency Dentistry Near You?

At Mill Bay Dental Health, we are happy to provide our patients with access to emergency dentistry in Mill Bay. If you are ever facing a dental emergency, please do not hesitate to contact our team of dedicated dental professionals.