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Missing teeth can make seemingly simple tasks such as speaking and chewing challenging. Missing teeth can also negatively affect your oral health, making you more vulnerable to infections from bacteria and jawbone deterioration. At Mill Bay Dental Health, we understand how difficult it can be to function with missing teeth, which is why we offer dentures in Mill Bay.

What Are the Types of Dentures?

There are two main types of dentures: partial and full dentures. If you are missing several teeth but still have a fair number of healthy teeth remaining, you may want to consider partial dentures as a solution. Partial dentures are created to fit around your natural teeth and seamlessly blend in with your smile.

If you have lost the majority of your teeth, you may opt to remove the rest of your teeth to be a viable candidate for full dentures. These dentures can be placed immediately after your teeth have been extracted, or they can be placed within a few weeks, depending on your unique circumstances.

Advantages of Getting Dentures

The biggest advantage of dentures is that they provide patients with a brand-new smile that boosts their self-esteem by filling the gaps in their smile. Some other benefits that come with dentures are:

  • Enhanced smile
  • The ability to enjoy the foods you love
  • Support for your facial muscles
  • Improved chewing functionality
  • Boosted confidence
dentures in mill bay
dentures near you

How to Care for Your Dentures

It is essential that you look after your dentures so that they can last you for many years to come. While dentures are strong, they are more fragile than your natural teeth, so you must handle them gently. You should also be sure to:

  • Remove your dentures while you sleep
  • Store your dentures in a proper container when not using them
  • Rinse your dentures after every meal
  • Clean your dentures every day

Interested in Dentures Near You?

At Mill Bay Dental Health, we are proud to offer dentures in Mill Bay to enhance the quality of life for our patients with missing teeth. Please contact our clinic to book a consultation today!

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